Participation information
Applying for the artist booth

Participation process prepare to applying(instruction, document) → submit application form→ review the submitted document(2~4weeks) → receive confirmation email → pay participation fee → confirmed participation
Terms & Condition
Category Illustration, Painting, Picturebook, Independent publication, Character design, Graphic design, Game, Animation, Webtoon, Caligraphy

① Before fill out the form , please determine your field of participation in advance!

② please prepare your proof of career experiences and portfolio related to your participating field.

Submitting proofs of career history This process is for checking your career history that you choose.
Please submit it in the best way for you among the various ways below.

– certifications
– Doflet
– SNS images that prove your activities or other informal documents
– Out sourcing contract
– Other informal document such as text message

If you have no career experience, you do not need to provide proof.
But , if you have experience, please check the year of your career experience and submit the proofs briefly

※ Instruction for submission

1. Please make a list with the name of activity and the date
2. Please cover personal information except your name and artist name
3. You only need to write down a representative activity of each years
4. You do not need to give us details of each experiences
5. For the diversity of participants, participation will be confirmed at an equal rate by artist’s career.
6. Make sure you submit the proofs. If the evidence is not submitted or is different from the period of activity that you check, you may not be able to get confirmed.

Submitting portfolio Portfolio submission is mandatory for applications.
This is to make sure that you are the creator or that your original work is correct.
Please check the instruction for submitting the portfolio to pass the inspection and attach it when submitting the application.

※ Precautions for Portfolio Submission

1.Submit 10 Artworks!
(Please avoid duplicate submission of your portfolio image!)

2. Write copyright on the portfolio.
(Notation method: freely)

3. Please prepare your portfolio with the image of your work.
(If there are merchandise and photos of the product, the review won’t be proceed.)

4.If you are unable to scan so you need to submit as a photography, there should be your signature on the original piece.

5. Please use the SNS and portfolio site to prove your artwork.

6. Portfolio sites must be maintained until the end of the fair.

7. Submission requirements
File Name: artists name 
Capacity: 5mb or less / 1pic
Format : zip

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