Registration for a buyer
Requirements – Distributor

– Wholesale and retail

– Commission

– Licensing

※ Buyers who are not in the illustration-related field or believe that they are insufficient for the requirements will be rejected in accordance with the BIF internal regulations.

Benefits for buyers

Registration period: July 5, 2021 – September 27, 2021

※ If you fail to register in advance, you cannot register on the spot.

※ Up to two buyers can be registered per company, and you must register for each buyer.

– Free admission to the exhibition

– Reduce admission time (check yourself and issue a pass)

– Provide BIF vol.2 exhibition information

– Coordinate meetings with artists

Buyer registration procedures
and admission to the exhibition

■ Registration procedure

Pre-registration of online buyers – Confirmation of buyer registration sent by secretariat

※ Confirmation and return mail will be sent every Friday.

■ Admission procedure

Confirmation of registered buyers at the Information Desk (identification, submitting business card) – Receipt of pass – Entry

※ Admission is free only for the person who has received the confirmed mail after pre-registration. The companion must purchase an admission ticket.

※ We inform you that the pass is not transferable, and all legal responsibility for the transfer lies with the party who has transferred it.

※ You must bring your business card and ID card.
※ Free admission is not provided if you do not bring your business card and ID.

Register for a buyer